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Apartman Una Valley Bihać offers luxurious, modern and quality accommodation in near the city center of Bihac. The top-class apartment offers our guests an ideal opportunity to stay in Bihać, in a location that is only 1km away from the historical center of the city, and at the same time the charm of enjoying a refined furnished room that offers comfort and intimacy. The apartment is spread over an area of 100 m² and consists of 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and two bathrooms, and provides space for a pleasant stay in a large private yard that spreads on 1500 m², in which the Šadrvan is equipped with two bakeries, outdoor kitchens and seating furniture. Modern arrangement of apartments, large spacious premises and technical equipment and proximity to the city center provides a pleasant combination of urban and traditional. Special value for the apartment is provided with complete technical equipment that includes air conditioners, LCD TVs, premium Hi-Fi system of music equipment, cable television and wireless internet in all rooms within the apartment. The apartment has its own parking space, and is 25 km away from the National Park "Plitvice Lakes" and 4 km from the National Park "Una". The capacity of the apartment is 10 persons, and we are located at dr. Irfan Ljubiankića No.137 in the immediate vicinity of the largest shopping malls and restaurants with rich gastronomic offer.

Apartman Una Valley Kulen Vakuf is located in the heart of the National Park "Una", 40 km from the city of Bihac. Superior equipped apartment offers our guests a luxurious and comfortable stay in one of the most beautiful natural reserves in this part of Europe. The apartment is located in a building located along the river Una with its own beach. The apartment is spread over 100 m² and consists of 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, couch and terrace of 30 m² and provides space for a pleasant stay in a large private yard that covers 2000 m². It is equipped with technical devices that meet the needs of the most demanding guests, including air conditioning, wireless internet, flat screen TV. In addition, our guests have fully equipped kitchen, barbecue and the possibility of resting in a spacious courtyard, in the natural ambience of the national park along the river Una. The capacity of the apartment is eight people. The buildings of historical significance to our guests are within easy reach: the old fort of Havel and the old town of Ostrovitsa, which are only a few minutes away from the apartment. We offer our guests a stay in a luxurious, modern and quality accommodation that is in the immediate vicinity of the Strbac noise and Martin Broda jewelers of the nature of the Bosnian Krajina.




Apartment Una Valley Kulen Vakuf offers recreational fishing services "Fly fishing" in the fishing area of the National Park "Una" Revir no. 1B "Kulen Vakuf" 1,5 kilometers long.
Lipljen (lat. Thymallus thymallus; it's still called lipen, lipljan, lipan) is a freshwater fish belonging to the Salmonidae family. Soldier resides in the middle part of the Eurasian continent. In Europe it is from the Ural in the east, to the United Kingdom in the west. It has it in the north on the Kanin and the Kolsky peninsula and in the northeast parts of Scandinavia...
Potočna pastrva (Salmo trutta Linnaeus, 1758.) a species of fish from trout, which occurs, which is not recognized, in three different forms, the so-called. two streams (fario and laciustris) and one sea (truta), of which the latter lives in the seas of northern and northwestern Europe and migrates deep into the continental waters, during which they migrate...
THREE-DAY 54,00 €  
FIVE-DAY 80,00 €  
Video can be viewed at this link >>FLY FISHING>>


Rafting trips are organized every day. You just bring together a team of at least 4 people and come to our Rafting Center in Kulen Vakuf, and we will take care of a pleasant and unforgettable active vacation. And if you are less than 4, contact us and find out the dates of vacant seats in the boats and connect !. After completing the rafting for our guests we prepare traditional Bosnian dishes in our center - Bosnian pot, kebabs, meat under honey, various pies, homemade bread. ŠTRBAČKI BUK - LOHOVO: 47,00 €
Video can be viewed at this link >>RAFTING ON UNI>>


For adventurers who are not able to carry their own bicycle, we have provided several basic mountain bike models. The bike can be rented at the premises of the companies Atlantis Kulen Vakuf, which is located in the village Gečet across from the football stadium NK Una.
* All-day bicycle rental involves a 24-hour timetable.
* The cost of bicycle rental includes a protective helmet and a safety lock.
* When renting, you need to leave an ID card, a driver's license or passport, and a cell phone number, when returning a bike, the correctness of the equipment being leased will be checked.
Video can be viewed at this link >>MOUNTAIN BIKING>>





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dr. Irfana Ljubijankića 137, Bihać, BiH

Zamoe 64, Kulen Vakuf, BiH

+387 61 784 221

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